Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and a thank you to the teacher – “Can you take care of the presents?”. Already feeling stressed reading this sentence? Don’t worry! We got you! Here is the ultimate Bridgewater gift guide.

What are the gift trends this year? A present for your girlfriend? What’s a present that lasts? Where can I order presents for my whole family?

If these and more questions are on your mind right now, read further! Here are some suggestions for everyone on your list.

Classic Large Bridgewater Jar

The classic Bridgewater scented candles are a safe choice! Bestselling for years and a quality that is loved by all our customers! With soywax, a cotton wick and a burning time of 145 hours!

Aroma Diffuser

Diffusers are a great gift for anybody who doesn’t like to burn candles (maybe because you can’t always be around the flame), but still would like to enjoy a great fragrance in their home. Our diffusers work with an ultrasound technology to spread a gently scented water mist in the room. Add water, and don’t forget to add a few drops of our Bridgewater fragrance oils!

Bridgewater Gift Sets

Gift Sets are the stressfree solution for anybody looking for a luxurious gift that makes an impression. Packed in a sturdy white box and filled with the most fragrant bestsellers of our Bridgewater assortment. Choose between Sweet Grace, Fresh Fragrance Mix, Christmas Bliss or our newest winter scent Festive Frasier

Something Special

You want something that’s not the usual gift? Something that’s unique, fun and of course fragrant? Then our new Bridgewater flower diffuser is a great match! It soaks the scented fluid and spreads it in the room for a long lasting Sweet Grace fragrance through a beautiful blossom that turns pink over the time! So sweet, right?

Flower Diffuser Sweet Grace


With the Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser you can let the scent bloom in your room! Enjoy the fragrance of Sweet Grace as well as the beauty of a flower as it turns pink and blooms.

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Add a luxurious velvet gift wrapping!

Found a great present? Nice! Now you only need to make sure that it looks great underneath the Christmas tree. And it’s so easy with our new Gift Pouches in a soft black velvet. A luxurious gift bag that can also be reused. Comes in 2 sizes, for small and big presents! The large pouch is great for our candle jars.

Special Bridgewater Collection Candles

Sweet Grace and Afternoon Retreat are our customer’s absolute favourite. That’s why we decided to create more jar designs that make special Collection Candles. With luxurious finishes like metallic or shiny these candles make a perfect gift for anybody who likes a more sophisticated candle look. Special candles for special people.

… and make it personal with a Bridgewater Wishcard

Wish Card Jar Bridgewater


Wish Card “Thank you for lighting up my life” with envelope for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day or anytime you want to make somebody’s day!

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