Bridgewater Candle Company USA was established in 1998 in Spartanburg, South Carolina and is a leader in the candle market with a proven reputation for clean burning candles and full fragranced products. Whether fresh and clean or warm and cosy, the fragrances are created to capture special moments in time.

We believe the best things in life are home-grown.

Candle making process

The best apples come from local orchards, the best friends are made right down the street, and the best fragrances are created within our own four walls. That’s why we don’t compromise with our ingredients- in the kitchen or in the lab. We created a proprietary soy-blend candle wax to ensure a clean burn, and we create fragrances that are perfect for sharing with those you love.

Bridgewater Candles NL is the official distributor and importer of Bridgewater Candles since 1999. Bridgewater Candles NL is part of Home Society BV

We are distributor for the Netherlands, Belgium Germany, Luxembourg, Zwitserland, Italy, Austria and Scandinavia.