A morning routine with “Up with the Sun”?

It’s time to put our good intentions for the new year into practice! To make the most of the day, why not get “Up with the Sun” and start your day right? Bridgewater Candles’ newest fragrance “Up with the Sun” is the perfect fragrance for a fresh and relaxed start into the day. If you want to know how it smells and how it can help you create a great morning routine that helps you get through the day – read further!

What’s the newest Bridgewater fragrance?

It’s called “Up with the Sun” and it has got all the positive vibes! But what does it smell like? It’s definitely fresh, energizing with just the right amount of fruity citrus notes, watery green notes and soft woody notes. A perfect composition that reminds us of stepping right out of a fresh shower or the perfect early morning walk in the forest.

A complex scent composition that is great for men and women!

What’s a morning routine?

A morning routine are a few simple steps that you do every day just after you woke up. They stay always the same, sometimes with slight changes, but they will always help you set the intentions for the day, give yourself a little time to unwind and treat yourself. It’s all about motivating and energizing you for the day, while relaxing you and doing something good for yourself.

A morning routine and scented candles?

There are many things that you can do to create your morning routine. Here are a few things to give you some ideas to start with: 

  1. Take a cold shower & moisturize your skin mindfully
  2. Meditate
  3. Drink your favorite tea or coffee
  4. Move your body: try Yoga or a home work out
  5. write down your thoughts, goals or things your are regretful for
  6. light your favorite Bridgewater scented candle

A scented candle is something that you can add to your morning routine as a single step, or you combine it with the other ideas – what about doing a meditation or Yoga round while your Bridgewater “Up with the Sun” Candle jar is burning, spreading a nice fresh scent in the room. Or you cuddle in with a tea and watch the relaxing movements of the flame in the Bridgewater Candle jar?

Bridgewater Candles that are great for your morning routine: 

Generally, this is of course a personal preference, but some people like fresh and energizing fragrances to start their day. This can include notes of orange or lemon, peppermint or other herbs  Here are some recommendations from the Bridgewater Candles team: