Your very personal Bridgewater Christmas scent experience

Christmas times are special times… Everything has this magic to it. Traditions like baking cookies and cakes, putting up a tree, decorating your home, sipping a hot chocolate or visiting your loved ones bring so many nice memories with them. Have you ever realized that Christmas has its very own fragrance to everyone individually? Some associate pine tree notes, others cinnamon and ginger with it…

At Bridgewater Candles we got an assortment of Christmas fragrances for you that will fit to your very personal Christmas associations. Let’s be honest, nothing really gets you quicker in the Christmas mood than a home that smells like cinnamon, cookies, vanilla, ginger and clove. Awaken your best Christmas memories with our Bridgewater Christmas Scent Selection. Christmas Bliss, Cup of Cheer, Tree Trek, Welcome Home or Remember When…which one fits your Christmas?

Christmas Fragrance Collection